Excerpts from

How to Energize Your Marriage
(formely entitled "Scientific Marriage)

Wallace D. Wattles

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Book Description
This book was originally self-published by Wallace D. Wattles in 1904 under the title of "Scientific Marriage", and may well have been the first book he ever wrote. Original copies of the book are very scarce indeed. This new edition includes an extra chapter that did not appear in the original book, entitled "Marital Unhappiness: A New Remedy". The book begins by discussing the principal of marriage that is apparent throughout nature in vegetable and animal life, then goes on to discuss different aspects of love relationships, and then gives advice on how to determine the looks and characteristics of a baby prior to birth and  how to prevent pregnancy the natural way. Wattles also gives some sound advice on how to rekindle a relationship, keep the communication and romance alive, and stop playing the blame game.


Chapter 1 - Some Basic Truths

Chapter 2 - Sex Love

Chapter 3 - How to Determine the Sex, Color of Hair, Etc., in a Child

Chapter 4 - How to Prevent the Use of Tobacco or Liquor

Chapter 5 -  Simple Instructions for Pregnant Women...

Chapter 6 -  Large or Small Families?

Chapter 7 -  How to Control Conception

Chapter 8 -  A Few Simple Directions

Chapter 9 -  Marital Unhappiness: A New Remedy

Chapter 10 - The Health of Women

I have put into this little book the result of many years of patient study, practice and experiment. There is nothing in it that has not been proved to be true. The object has been to put the most profound and mighty truths in such plain and simple language that men and women of the common people - God bless them - may understand it all, and find help, comfort and happiness. The knowledge that is given here has been of inestimable value to me, and if you study it well it will help you. Hoping you will do so, I am,

Yours Fraternally,

Wallace D. Wattles

Chapter 1 

Some Basic Truths

There exists in the universe a propagative power, or principle, from which every living thing springs. This propagative power is the creative energy, or life force, of the universe; the natural world receives a continual inflow of life from it, which is received by all organisms according to their form. In the plant world this energy is manifested simply as life and reproductive power, without sense; in the animal world it becomes conscious and sentient life, and in man it is not only conscious and sentient but God-conscious, knowing good from evil. But in all these kingdoms, in man, animal and plant, the life is the same, and comes from the same source. There is only one Life; one God and father of all, in whom we all live and move and are. And this propagative principle has nothing of evil in it, because it is from the infinite wisdom, the source of all things; it is from the Eternal; it is the Eternal Life and is therefore essential Good.

The moving principle in all creation was and is the love and goodness of God. All things were made by good, and for good. The propagative, creative or reproductive principle in man, animal and plant is a continuation or extension of the Divine energy which created and maintains all things. Every birth is simply a continuation of the work of creation, performed by the same power. The reproductive principle is the vivifying principle of the universe; it is essential life, essential wisdom, essential love, essential good.

Now, in creating, producing and re-producing, Good works in an orderly fashion, and according to certain fixed rules or laws; and these rules, the laws of the action of Good, constitute truth. Truth is the channel through which the creative power of good manifests itself. Good is the propagative, truth the forth-bringing principle. Good is the male principle from which the life-germ springs; truth is the female principle, which receives the life from good and shapes, organizes and brings it forth. And the form of the organism will depend on the truth; plant truth organizes a plant from the life-germ, animal truth an animal, and human truth a child. The life is always the same, and from the same source; the difference in manifestation depends upon the difference in the truth that is shown by the Life.

There is only one good; all things are born of the union or marriage of good and truth. Life is always the same, and from the same source and is always perfect; and when the Life works through perfect truth the resulting organism is perfect. Imperfect organisms are the result of deviation from truth. Thus, if a plant is imperfect, it is because, from some accident, plant truth has been violated in its growth; so also in the animal world. All distorted, imperfect or monstrous forms of organic life are perversions of the truth. They are untruths. In the plant and animal world defects, except from accident, are rare because reproduction is mostly automatic and instinctive; mental power and the knowledge of good and evil do not appear as factors; reason and God-consciousness are not present, and so the offspring of plants and animals are seldom perverted by the errors of the parents. Because plants and animals are generally in the truth, or living in accord with the laws of life for their kind, we have plants and animals, generally speaking, perfect after their kind. Very little distorted, sickly or unhappy life is found in these kingdoms, except from accident, or the interference of man. The young animal is a product of the universal mind.

In the propagation of the human race the higher elements of reason and God-consciousness are to be taken into consideration. The child is the product of the individual minds of the parents, and in proportion as those minds are full of evil and error, we have a distorted, imperfect and sickly life. All that we need to bring forth, and to retain perfect life is to know and do the truth.

Knowing and doing the truth constitute salvation. That is why Jesus said to Pilate: "To this end was I born and for this purpose came I into the world, that I should bear witness to the truth." A lost world is a world that has lost the truth about life. Normal, healthy, and consequently happy life is only born of the union of good and truth.

Chapter 2

Sex Love

In marriages on the animal plane neither good nor truth are considered. Sex love brings the pair together, and holds them united until the reproductive purpose is accomplished. Sex love is general, or is to all of the opposite sex; generally promiscuous, but sometimes choosing a mate to be retained for a more or less protracted period. Men and women have sex love as well as animals and very many marriages are made on this plane. Most of these are, to a greater or less extent, failures, because sex love in the human race is no more lasting than among the animals. The pair who are so united will get tired of one another, or one will tire of the other, or be attracted elsewhere. If a majority of our marriages are to continue to be made on this plane, we ought to repeal all our marriage laws, and let people choose their mates as freely and as often as they please. It is useless folly to legislate for animals in regard to the sex relation. Animals cannot change their natural order of reproduction by enacting laws. But if men and women are capable of union on a higher plane than that of sex love, then we ought to make a scientific study of this possibility and teach the truth concerning it to all. That is what I propose to do in this little book.

There are three kinds of marriage common among us - they are as follows: Commercial marriage, or marrying for a home, or for advantage or convenience; sex-love marriage, and unions made from true marriage love. This last is where we rise above what is possible with the animals.

Marriage love is where all that is good in a man is attracted by truth in a woman, and all that is true in a woman is attracted by good in a man. A couple so attracted are united for eternity, and that is the only true marriage. It is the law of human association that every real marriage must be a union of good and truth; and it is because we disregard this law in making marriages that we have to annul so many of them in the courts. If you are unhappily married, remember that the only way to reach a happy union is by uniting the husband's good to the wife's truth.

These two principles, the propagative and the forth bringing, eternally attract each other. As there is good in every man and truth in every woman, it follows that happiness is possible to all. Unhappy people should renounce, as far as possible, all evil and untruth. They must remember that there is absolutely nothing that can permanently unite them but good and truth. No woman ever really and permanently loves anything but good in a man; no man ever really and permanently loves anything but truth in a woman.

Every real marriage is a repetition of the creation, and exhibits the same laws in action. The first essential in forming happy marriages is, therefore, a knowledge of the laws which govern the union of good and truth. Real marriage is a union of good and truth. Good is not a principle of matter, and does not enter into the unions and combinations of matter. Neither good nor truth can be perceived by matter. As sound does not exist without an ear to hear it, so good and truth do not exist without a mind to perceive them. They are mental principles, not physical, and the marriage of good and truth is not in the union of bodies, but of minds.

Marriage on the animal plane means that two sentient bodies are united for the purpose of experiencing the pleasure of procreation, and of bringing forth other bodies.

Marriage on the human plane means that two minds are united, for their own unfoldment and the fulfillment of their eternal destiny, and to intelligently form, from themselves, other minds. And that the propagative union in the human race is really mental and governed by mental law is apparent not only by logical deduction, but from the facts in the case. If the propagative mental principle good, by union with the forth bringing mental principle truth, has offspring, that offspring must be mentally conceived and shaped, and its controlling principle must be mind.

The offspring of animals are produced mechanically, by the sex principles, individual mind having little, if any, action in the matter. The children of most married couples are produced by the sex principles, with mind as the most powerful factor, although unconsciously and often wrong- fully exerted. Children are mental productions, because the propagative and forth-bringing principles are mental, not physical.

In the procreation of a child the life principle or germ of propagative life comes from the father; the clothing of this germ, the body of the child and all that pertains thereto comes from the mother. As to the nature of this clothing, the sex, shape, color of hair and eyes, cranial structure, etc., all these are determined by the mind of the mother, either by independent action or by suggestion. Now, I wish to lay this down as a fundamental fact, that the mind of the mother determines the sex, physical appearance, and mental traits of the child, and is the only force which does, or can do so; and therefore we may intelligently control in these matters only by influencing the mind of the mother.

The power of the mother's mind, in all the particulars cited above is easily established by well known facts. The "marking" of children by fright or strong emotion is not an uncommon occurrence; I know of one instance where a still-born child's head bore an almost exact resemblance to that of a vicious dog which had given the mother a terrible fright; and another in which a child was given, to the most minute particulars, the facial conformation of an ape.

As to the power of the mind of the mother to determine the mental characteristics of the child, it is so generally conceded that I need not enlarge upon it. The parents of Napoleon Bonaparte for two years previous to his birth were absorbed in the study of the military history of Europe; this formed the mind of the greatest military genius of the world.

I know a man who was born shortly after the election of Abraham Lincoln, in 1860. His mother, although she never saw Lincoln, was an enthusiastic supporter and partisan of the great commoner and the marked physical and mental resemblance of her son to Lincoln has often excited comment.

Here is a still stronger proof. Sixteen years ago my attention was called to the birth of a child with red hair, in a family where both parents and the grandparents for two generations were dark haired people. Investigation revealed the fact that the young mother had passed hours, during her pregnancy, contemplating a picture, representing a golden-haired child, which hung above the couch on which she rested a considerable part of every day. Her child, a little girl, might have passed for the original of the picture.

From the study of this case I evolved the plan of suggestion described in the following chapter, which I have used with invariable success, proving the possibility of determining by suggestion the sex, color of eyes and hair, and general physical characteristics of the child, where the conditions are, to a reasonable degree, favorable.

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